Random Memory

I understand the importance of wanting to capture a memory, a moment in time that is special to you. I also think that with mobile phones the magic of spontaneously capturing an image by chance. The type of moments that where you’re on a trip and bought film. The moment at your kids birthday and blows the candles out. We are now a society of capturing anything and everything. Even the moments that are private or some that are used as a form of bullying. My best memories are the ones where I don’t have a camera or my cell is out of reach. Those are the ones that are ingrained in my soul.

Random Word: Memory






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  1. I often am of two minds about taking photos. I often want to, but just as often feel as if I’m missing the moment because I’m taking photos. And I’ve been surprised how infrequently I actually go back and look at them.

    But I think I’m of two minds about a lot of things :-).

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      1. Funny how that can be with photos.

        Right now I’m glad I have a bunch of photos taken over the years. It helps when I’m looking for a picture to include with a blog post.

        What’s your summer project? Curious; maybe it would help me figure out how to attack my pics!

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      2. I have some old letters and pictures from dating back the 1800’s. My daughters and I are going to put the letters in order and match the authors to their photos.

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      3. I was hoping to do a story about some of my family’s secrets. Just a lot of my family took a lot of the answers to grave with them. I’m going to have to do some research. I think it will be fun.

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