Transitioning Wings

I haven’t done a 99-word story prompt for Carrot Ranch in what seems like months. It was a great distraction for me. I always looked at bats differently. Ever since I was a little girl my father would tell me folklore about these little creatures then showed me that throwing something in the air when they were out hunting would entice them to swoop down. He would cut up fruit and get earth rooms for me to toss.

Every night the winged beast hung from the trim outside my window. One night he flew into my room instead. I screamed, ‘DADDY!’ and topped that off ear-piercing whaling. My dad comes storming into the room and finds me crying under the blankets.
‘Honey, what’s wrong?’
‘Dad, the bat flew into my room. He’s going to give me rabies!’
‘Shh, no baby. They are actually a symbol of transition and rebirth. It doesn’t mean death or demon nights. Wait, something will change for the better in your life.’ Two weeks later I received my scholarship to the art academy.

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  1. I like your Dad. What a sensible man with a good reply and it came true. I always prefer to have a bat in the house than a bird. Bats can use their radar to get outside where as it is torture watching the birds bash themselves against walls and ceilings in the efforts to escape.

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    1. Thank you. He taught me a lot. I’ve never had a bird fly inside my house, just into the window when I was little. Dad kept him in a box until it was better. My husband, on the other hand, it deathly afraid of bats so whenever one gets in the house I’m the designated bat remover.

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