Pampering Pimento

Worst Monday EVER. Ok,  maybe not but it’s a clear second.  I haven’t had a chance to breathe until now. After being out sick my catch up like of necessary artwork was ridiculous! Came home and wrote my short story,  my daily doodle, and that was after all the running around right after work.

I left work on a mission.  I had to get a work permit for my daughter,  then her ID at the DMV so she could get her back account. Work permit was a piece of cake. The DMV was a nightmare! 45 minutes later we made to the bank right before it closed.  Got home and wrote while boiling taters.  I felt so stressed.  So I made my dad’s favorite comfort snack, pimento cheese.  Everything melted away. One bite and I was back at the kitchen table telling my dad what a bad day I had and he listened while loading crackers.

I found a recipe and made a few tweaks adding onion powder, parsley and a dash of Tabasco. I also used a yellow extra sharp and a yellow regular cheese.  Give it a try.  What is your go to pamper snack?

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    1. It was so easy make and I let it chill overnight. Woke up this morning and it was my breakfast! It was awesome 🙂 Of course where I live now, no one knows what I’m talking about.

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  1. Looks appetising. My go-to-comfort snack, if I can be bothered, is cous cous, with almost anything to hand in it. Preferably raw grated carrot, onion, courgette, pre-boiled peas, whatever for flavour, anything really, even peanut butter and pickle. Cous cous maybe only because (or as well as being nice and quite healthy with a drop of olive oil added) it only takes boiling a kettle and leaving it to soak in enough boiling water and no cooking necessary, otherwise it goes like sloppy semolina and too reminding of school dinner pudding! hope you’ve had a better day today.

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