Quick Writing and Watercolor

Last night my little guy was sick. Let’s just say the aftermath called for the carpet shampooer. This morning he woke up feeling better until he ate. Another shampooing moment. When he took a nap I stole a moment to write. Then a quick watercolor. Those Dr. Ph Martin’s watercolors are great and worth the money. My water is just about clear! Yes, I rinsed the brushes but I didn’t use much pigment. I think that if I did there would be more color in the water. The effect created is soothing.

The brightness is cheery against the attitude of the house and the cold dreary day outside. I think I will do my own giveaway for some of these watercolors. Or maybe some journaling supplies. I have a month of A to Z challenge and would love to have this giveaway contest going for the month. I just need to figure out how and for what. Oh, it will cost nothing to any of my readers or anyone wanting to participate but maybe some time. Like a short story, poem, doodle, painting…A little on the fence about this.

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