Random Block

There are times when I do experience writer’s block or creativity block and those are the times I need to step away. Today I had coffee with a person that is an emotionally abusive person and I left feeling stronger. I learned that when someone is stressful to me it causes a block. I let her know and came home and wrote. I have a promise to fulfill because there is a deadline and then another important post but for now, I doodled. More to come after a short break. How do you overcome your creative blocks?

Random Word: Creative Block

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  1. Writers’ block can be such a problem. I allow my mind to fall into the fogginess for as long as it requires, often resolving issues in reveries of one kind or another. Eventually everything (thankfully) resurfaces. I have found creativity cannot be forced. Sorry, that probably does not help an awful lot.

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    1. That does help. It’s like understanding different aspects of writer’s block from other perspectives. I’ll try anything once 🙂 Thank you for your thoughts 🙂


  2. I often experience this type of blocks, personally or virtually. Sometimes an inappropriate news gives me the block and i fume for a gazillion hours pondering on it. I know, I am the one to suffer.. How do i get over it? Simple, I write a message directly to the person, or shout out to vent my block. Now, I have stopped shouting becos I dont have the energy to keep me active after shouting. I do something that i hate to do, an that releases my block. Sounds abnormal right? But that really helps. When you do something that u really hate to do, you are released from the stress.

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