Broken Betrayal

A clanging crash sounded from upstairs.  I knew what it was when it hit the ground. All I could imagine was the last memento of my grandmother hitting the wood floor. I could see all the little pieces moving to an unrehearsed dance behind my closed eyes. I’m never going to find all the pieces to the delicate china doll, let alone put them together. And then the tears started to stream down my face.

‘Just ignore it and the behavior will stop. Do not reply to the actions with anger, that’ll only encourage more,’ was the advice I heard in my head playing in a loop. My tears turned into frustration and rage as I went storming up the stairs. I looked down at the ground to find the doll shattered beyond any hope of repair. ‘We had a deal!’ I screamed. ‘I promised I wouldn’t make you leave if you would stop destroying my memories and keepsakes! I can barely remember what our grandmother looked like and now you have taken the last thing that was hers! You’ve got to go!’

I rushed downstairs and called the only person I knew that could do anything. ‘Father, can you come to the house?’ ‘Yes, I can. Did something happen? You know, I’ll head over now. I’m glad you’re ready to help her move forward.’ We both hung up the phone. I spun around on my heels, ‘Oh you’re going to get it now! I warned you.’ I could see the sadness creeping over her but enough was enough.  I didn’t care for her feelings any more than she cared about mine. Her whole attitude has changed since the accident. Like it was my fault that everything happened. The only betrayal I did was not going that night and her’s was going. My sister has been dead for 7 years now.

I wrote this out of nervousness to Discover’s Prompt: Betrayal. I agreed to have coffee today with someone that betrayed me. Writing this really helped.

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