I Did It


I know that title can cover a number of things. It could be anything from cooking dinner to catching up on my shows (which I’m just waiting for some seasons to come back). I already cooked dinner and shows are reruns. I signed up for the Blogging from A to Z challenge

Then I panicked and felt instantly sick to my stomach. I needed to figure out a category that my blog falls under. I do a little bit of everything in my opinion but ‘writing’ seemed the best fit and a theme (not mandatory). I don’t know everything there is to know about writing and thought I could tie this into a learning experience for me. What’s great about this is that the writer/blogger can choose whatever they like to post as long as it’s from A to Z.

THEME: Writing short stories (I’m to try and keep them no more than 800 words but I know there will be some that will go over) in different genres and sub-genres of fiction and nonfiction. Now the only problem that I ran into was that there were two or three letters of the alphabet that didn’t have a genre. I didn’t cave and change my idea. Instead, I found literary terms that I can turn into short stories or poems.

I have several important posts that I have to write over the next few days but I will post a calendar of my planned subjects for my theme soon. If you want to sign up for the challenge the deadline is before April 1st and the first post is due April 1st (no fooling!) I know it’s short notice but I encourage you to try and have fun with it.

I’m doing this for me. I can feel the failure nipping at my fingertips and I’m worried about not being to even think of stories but I’m going try my best.

10 thoughts on “I Did It

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  1. Ha! Good Luck Gal, I’m doing it too, signed up a few weeks ago and my theme will be Adoption of which I have personal experience; I was! Still trying to work out what i’m going to write for most of the letters, it’ll be ok, things have been thus far. My glass is always, maybe naively 3/4 full! Good luck and I’ll follow with interest, if anyone can smash it you can!

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    1. Thank you but to tell you the truth…I’m scared. I can’t wait to see what you write about! My father was adopted so I will follow your A to Z’s with much interest. Good luck to you too! You got this!


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