Cabbage to Kraut

I didn’t go out this St. Patrick’s day instead I stayed home and cooked, wrote, and painted. Being around drunken crowds and eating dry corned beef isn’t my idea of a good time. My stomach was in knots yesterday and with the pain, I wanted a dinner that reminded me of my grandmother on St. Patrick’s day.

I purposely cook too much Corned Beef on St. Patrick’s day just because I LOVE Reubens. We all know the essential ingredients to those sweet, salty, tangy sandwiches are: Corned Beef (I’ve had it with pastrami), thousand island dressing, swiss cheese and of course sauerkraut. I have been spoiled with my grandmother’s homemade kraut that I could never eat it from a can or jar. People have suggested some from the local deli but all I could think is, ‘I’m not putting another bite of that crap in my mouth!’

I really REALLY wanted a traditional Reuben but I didn’t have days on end to make it like my grandmother did so I did my go to Google search. You can bet your sweet ass that in the search terms was the word, ‘easy,’ because my daughter had a paper route and I wanted to feed everyone before they left. This gave me 30 minutes but in reality, it was more like 15. I had the bulk of the recipe completed which was the leftover beef all I really had to do was slide the cabbage and dice the onion.

With all hands on deck (kids folding papers, and me attempting a new recipe) I read the reviews quickly and discovered that it was recommended to use more salt and more vinegar. I already didn’t have celery seed but had in my possession celery salt. A great substitute when people are recommending more salt to be added. I toasted my rye bread in the oven and sandwiches were assembled in less than 30 minutes.

I was really quite pleased that I gave it a chance and the sandwiches were gone in no time. I even think my grandmother would approve. If you try the recipe that I found please add more salt and vinegar to your liking. I did halfway through the cooking process. If you have a recipe that you would like to share for me to try that would be awesome.

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