Watercolor Trial and Errors…and More Errors

I wanted to try some new techniques that I saw in tutorial videos. All I wanted to do was crumble the paper up and go into Netflix mode. Why did I feel so damn adventurous? I tell you why. I want to get better and get to where I am comfortable with doing loose watercolor painting, paint vibrant animals, paint fluff, and practice. After ripping myself apart (I am my own worse critic) I decided to try another then another.

Masking Fluid and Landscapes

I haven’t painted landscapes before and I have never used masking fluid. First I tipped the bottle over and it went all over the table (insert minor cussing meltdown here). I started using it before reading instruction and the awkward ‘nib’ that came with it sucked. Any suggestions on using masking fluid I would greatly appreciate. This project felt muddy but I will attempt another later.

Monochrome and Fluff

Yeah, this was a fail but I learned a new technique. I also need to learn when to stop. Will try another later and no masking fluid used here. Is there a better way to get cute and fluff? My poor panda ended up looking like a tired old man watching young kids and not understanding why they can’t pull up their pants.

Rooster and Wet on Dry

I haven’t really tried wet paint on dry paper. Kinda like it and definitely need more practice. I’ve been wanting to paint roosters and chickens for a while and will try one with more colors and maybe on a larger canvas. It looks like it’s really cocky and out of proportion giving it the ‘strut’ look. More practice needed.

I am open to advice, recommendations, and tips on watercolor animals and landscapes.


6 thoughts on “Watercolor Trial and Errors…and More Errors

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  1. You’re so hard on yourself! These are great!! I used to watch tutorials but found I was disappointed at my results because they never looked like the results of the instructor. Now I just do my own thing because I’ll never develop my own style using someone else’s. That’s just me though, and I only paint for fun. If you’re having fun I’d relax and enjoy that part of it. That way when you look back you’ll remember, hey that was fun.😊

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