March 16th, 2018

A Fraction of A Friday

It has been a week of hell. Demands, nows, requests, and unforgiving illustrations that needed to be done. I made it through until this morning. I got to work only to be met with the largest load of BS I have ever seen. Mistakes were made but a different artist and I had to not only clean up the mess but meet the expectations of a customer that has already been let down once.

I completed their request with the quality that they were promised the first time. I have very little vacation time left but I needed a mental break. I needed to center myself and relax or I was going to go through the weekend frazzled and anxious. I would take it home and worry. Well, NOT TODAY! I walked straight up to my supervisor and told her to put me down for 1/2 day of vacation. She followed with a list of items that needed to be done and frankly it wasn’t in my job requirements. It’s not my fault that other people called in. I decided I deserved a little me time in a quiet house before the kids got home and write, doodle and dare I think nap? OF COURSE.

I stopped and picked up another watercolor journal for a personal project. The idea came from a talented artist Sharon. Please go and check out her work. I already do daily random word doodles and they are helping loosen me up and find confidence. So, I would like to attempt an

ABC watercolor journal. I want this to be done weekly making it a 26-week project. Super excited.

I have also been exercising my short story writing skills and not only learning a lot about myself but finding my voice. My 6 word storied of daily prompts helps boost my creativity. I have a deadline of the 20th to submit a piece to Carrot Ranch. I’m working out where I want my 99 words to go and can’t quite make it come full circle.


I also did something I NEVER do. I RSVPd for a WordPress meetup. I will be bringing my husband as I’m nervous and he wants to see more of what I do. He’s a rock of support helping me find time to write and paint. I would also like to thank the great community of bloggers. There is so much talent in the writers’ fingers or the artists’ palms. You guys are the people I wanted to be when I grew up. There is a great deal of encouragement and support.

I also have started a Facebook page and Instagram. I hope I can handle it. If for one minute I think that it’s taking away from my writing and painting I’m taking them down. My husband recommended it to me and I will try. Tomorrow morning I am trying strawberry jam on toast with bacon. Recommended by a fellow blogger.


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