Winged Memory

They sang on the porch, but only for my father. He found them after a summer night’s thunderstorm. One of the few memories I have of him was when he was more of a father to them than me. Or so I thought.

As the Ravens grew stronger they would take their wings out for a test drive. ‘You see my love when they are strong they will leave and not return. It’s easy to let a creature go. You, I truly love and I’m afraid one day your wings will take you away and I can’t let go.’

I’m participating in another writing prompt for Carrot Ranch.  I stumbled across them when searching for sites to submit writing. I’m in love with what they are doing for writers at every level (even beginners like me). The doodle I did isn’t going to count towards my random word daily doodle.

A few fun facts:

  • My father did save a pair of Ravens
  • I have 2 Raven tattoos
  • My spirit animal is a Raven


14 thoughts on “Winged Memory

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  1. Ravens feature strongly in your life! Your sketch is full of inky vibrancy and it’s reflected in your flash, too. I like that you stepped into your father’s perspective. That’s a good technique for a writer to develop.


  2. I really liked the picture you drew! I’m not sure what my spirit animal is because I’ve never sat down to that question but if I had any say in the matter it would either be a raven or a crow. Anyway, this was my favorite story so far this week.


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