January 30th, 2018

New Goal

I was sitting at work today with no work to do and decided to see if February’s #6WordsBetter prompt list had been posted. I was excited to see that it was! Then I decided to snoop through that pages recent posts and stumbled across a ‘reading journal’ post. What the? I would have never thought in a MILLION years that this was something that could be journaled. Earlier today I was on BUZZFEED and found a link to different lists of books that you should read. I was perusing the list and found that I must be living under a rock. NO! WAIT! I was working two jobs, seven days a week and before that, I read but can’t remember thanks to C-PTSD. But the list helped me choose some books.

SO-I set a goal I didn’t even know I wanted…READ MORE! I already have plans this weekend to get back into watercolor painting and doing some doodling and decided what the hell?! I can make a reading journal/log of my own. I have time. Now I already built my list and wanted to start reading but I will either leave it to be done before bed so my stomach will settle down (I hope I’m not coming down with something) or wait to go to the library and get a book. I could get online and start right away but I’m not feeling good and want the satisfaction of actually turning the page.

So, I’m going to update my agenda book with February’s prompt words and try and figure out where to start on my list. To be a good writer reading is a must. To hone an artistic skill practice make it better. Have you thought about doing something new or picking something back up? I encourage you to do so. IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT IT IS.

Here’s my list in case you would like to see what I’m going to tackle.


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