6 Word Story Day 30

It’s no surprise that writers take from their own lives and include that piece of their soul and past into their projects. I am thoroughly in love with the fact that with all of this #6wordsbetter (ok well most of them) have given me a chance to reflect on my past and the emotions that it creates in my present-day life. Yes, it’s hard living with C-PTSD, anxiety, and depression. But I also realized I’m waking up the next day and that is a form of strength. It’s not easy knowing that my reactions to people, sounds, certain sights, etc… is because of him and I still feel the guilt of, “I let it happen for so long” and still not ready to fully disclose what happened. It’s my own fear and I will conquer that fear when I’m ready. I think that’s why I haven’t done my social media for my blog. I have great ideas but I need to make it completely anonymous so he doesn’t see me.

Prompt Word: The Teacher

His assaults unknowingly taught her strength.

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