January 25th, 2018


Today’s mantra, “I love my job, I love my job, violence is unacceptable.” I know that sounded bad but it was a really bad day at work yesterday. These are the thoughts I had after I had a helicopter employee treat me like his personal mule and he’s the only that deserved to have work completed. There are literally 7 other people (with his same title) that need work done. This isn’t including the ones that need help with other art. Thoughts:

  • I’m not a good person, I don’t pretend to be.
  • Please let me do what I know – my job.
  • I have been working in these programs for over 7 years, in this job for over two, please go away so I can do my job!
  • Please don’t patronize me.
  • I can see through your BS!
  • Compliments get you now where.
  • Policy is within 24hrs for artwork…this is only hour 5.
  • You want me to work faster? Have them send the jersey for me to replicate.
  • Why are you in here again!
  • Why are you in here AGAIN!!!!
    (This is said out loud) I will have it finished for you at the end of the day.
    Having project done-emailed an edit-he isn’t confident with what he’s asking-asks someone else…
  • You should have listened to me the first time.

So I haven’t had a cigarette since the 14th but with the anxiety it was almost too much. I went into an anxiety attack and needed to take a ½ a Xanax. I get here this morning and the day was going great until I received and email from this employee needing and edit and I felt my chest tighten. Completed the edits and now I sit here and wait. I am aware of people, their mannerisms, and how they speak. He is a brow beater but does it in such a manipulative way that they don’t see it. There are 3 other women that have been treated like this and see him for what he is. I’m really hoping he doesn’t last long with all the mistakes that he is making and money he’s costing the company. Please let this day go by without an encounter with him.

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