6 Word Obsession-Day 1

I am totally in love with the 6 word story! I found this page that has prompts and through other searches that gave me ideas and found another semi obsession. The 50 word story. It sounds easy but literally drawing a blank the first few attempts I have to remind myself,

“Beginning, middle, end”.’

Eventually I would like to add my own illustrations but I thought that would take longer for me to do then finding time to post…I may have to settle for a stray doodle here and there. I’m so excited to try this. To possibly launch a larger project that began with only 6 words is frightening, romantic, and terrifying all at the same time. I need to get an Instagram account going for my blog but one undertaking at a time. So here is my first, “6 Word Story”.

The theme for this month is, ‘Mindfulness’ and the prompt is, ‘Morning Walk’.

Walking towards light, she demanded darkness.

There it is, my first attempt. Reading it I do lose my confidence but my therapist said that I need to work on that along with many other things that comes with CPTSD. I will keep it as is. Walk away from it and let go of my fears. Can’t wait for the next. I hope that you guys try this. Throughout ideas…once I get the Instagram up and going (a project for another day) I will use the #6WordsBetter and gain insight and inspiration.

What people don’t realize, starting this blog was a huge undertaking in which I’m still learning and growing through. It’s more than venting it’s a way that I cope. Even though it’s difficult to write for my blog on the daily I do still try.

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