I’m NOT A Bad Person

This little affirmation that I say to myself on a regular bases just wasn’t cutting it for me. I could say it then I would feel that it wasn’t true by  the actions of other people, family, husband, coworkers-hell even the dog at times. I know that they are probably not thinking this but let’s face it…people like me can’t shake that feeling.

For the past month I have felt like poo and needed to do something to lift my spirits but to teach my kids a lesson since lately they have been getting down right spoiled and bratty (both my husband’s and mine fault…which I will own). I loaded everyone up on a cold Saturday before I had to go into work and went for a 30 minute drive to the animal shelter.

Here we played with dogs and cats then we sponsored a precious pit mix. The kids wanted to take her home but I stood my ground. We were there to sponsor her adoption fee. That way we are giving her a chance for a home before Christmas and the family a Christmas present. All the prospective family would have to is pass the requirements for adoption and give her a loving home. The kids really wanted her but understood that we have our fur-babies at home that need all of our love, support and attention.

Then I got the email letting us know that our sponsored puppy got her home for Christmas. Now the kids want to sponsor more. This lifted all of our spirits. That makes me feel better now if I only had the money to sponsor one shelter a month. That’s for me to figure out another time. Do you do any charity work or give to charity to feel human?

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