October 20, 2017

A journal entry during work hours…but of course. How else am I going to vent without going off on people. My anger has just built up to the point where it’s better for me to be alone in my art room rather than communicating with anyone both verbally or email.

The Reason

I am a graphic designer by day. It’s my 40 hour per week day job for a company garment company. Now I knew when I was hired that there were going to be hard deadlines and stressful vectors that needed to be created but with that being said…this was BS today. First thing this morning I needed to draw up a cricket logo that was literally 20px by 20px big in a jpeg format (the whole raster and vector argument that NO ONE SEEMS TO GET). Let me just say it pixelated really bad when brought into my Ai program. So, my ever resourceful self went to the internet and low and behold the cricket logo was missing certain aspects that was sent to me. UGH!!! So I painstakingly spent 3 hours drawing this damn cricket up.

Then later came a request that I knew when I first drew it up that it would come back to haunt me…and it did. The picture was taken at an angle and not flat so when I try to draw it up it looked wavy and distorted much like it did in the image sent. Believe me this was after hours of searching for a font that matched and nothing was out there. Well, today, the CSR came back in an email wanting the lettering straight (after already asking her for a better image the first round mind you). The kicker is I went to my supervisor and explained YET AGAIN what was happening and I get,’ Just draw it straight.’ FINE! I slammed the door behind me (ugh now I know I’ll definitely will be called into the office). I drew it and it looks unprofessional. Something I’m not use to as I am a perfectionist.

Whose Fault?

Well, the fault doesn’t stand with me as I have asked numerous times for a better image and even went to my supervisor. The client? Actually no. Simply because they do not understand what is needed. The CSR? You bet! They should be able to go back to the client to ask for a better image to insure the final product is perfect. Specially when Letter Jackets are expensive. You would think they would want repeat clients.

No I feel inadequate, job not so secure (because there are younger people who would do what  I do for less money but not as efficient quality), depressed, angry with myself for having such a difficult time drawing this up, scared, paranoid…you name it-it’s swimming in my head. So yeah, bad day for me. Rant over.

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