S.O.S and Depression

Lately I have been forcing myself to cook more. Something that will keep my hands busy and the derailing of the depression train of though. On top of dealing with the aftermath of being fired from the bar and Tom slandering my name now I’m also dealing with my marriage and the lack of relationship that we have. All of this combined made the perfect recipe for horrible thoughts and the aches and pains of depression.

‘So what’s for dinner? is the question that was being asked last night. ‘What the hell do I care? Y’all are capable people that can problem solve and use BOTH hands’ is what I wanted to respond with but didn’t. I did manage to remember to take the hamburger out of the freezer but nothing else. I didn’t even go to the store after work or pick the kids up for school. I came straight home and flopped on my bed.


S.O.S is what I was making everyone but instead of putting the hamburger gravy on toast or rice I made mashed potatoes (there was my effort for cooking dinner). So here are some tips that made it super easy.

  • Use the grease from the cooking the hamburger. Don’t even worry about taking the meat out.
  • Add enough flour to soak up most of the grease and cook with the meat to pull that raw flour flavor out.
  • Dissolve a beef bouillon cube to add more flavor

There isn’t an exact recipe just a method. Add flour to meat to make a roux and cook until flour has browned a little. Add beef water (haha from the bouillon cube) and milk until you reach the desired consistency wanted.

Mash your taters up and pour your beef gravy over and voila! S.O.S. dinner is served. It did help me feel better to have real cooked food in my system instead of chips that I eat for lunch during the week (no appetite).

No it didn’t fix any problems but I was perked up a little and interacted with the kids rather than hiding in my room.

So S.O.S did save my dinner so give it a try when you feel like crap or no motivation.

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