September 12th, 2017

UGH! I’m writing this without my glasses while cooking dinner. Not only am I distracted but I’m also blind. Just a heads up.

Remember my post from Sunday? Yes, I missed the movie ‘It’ because we were expecting puppies. Well it’s a good thing I stayed home. As I was writing that post she was having puppies.  I wanted to save the event for another post (this one obviously). But first an update to that post:

The customer that was telling me about being involved in the largest lawsuit for worker’s comp in this state because the loss and reattachment of his arm and the three men that were trying to kill him-he’s in fact a paranoid schizophrenic! I talked to my manager and she informed me the last time that he was off his meds he was talking about three large wolves that were trying to kill him. She said this happens about 1 every 3 years. I felt bad for him in that moment. He could be not only dangerous to the public but also to himself. I will call the local authorities if this happens again and hopefully he’ll get the help he needs.

It’s Time!

After showing Clover her whelping area she was content and started to make herself comfortable and that’s when I noticed her pushing. All I could do was pet her and talk soothingly to her as she contracted with pain. At 12:06 p.m. the first baby boy arrived! A solid white little bean entered the world. She did wonderfully cleaning him up and herself. Then for 6 hours one after the other came to be. She did great and even though she was exhausted she looked like she just felt better. 11 beautiful puppies; 6 girls and 5 boys. We already have a couple of homes to visit before ensuring their lives to someone else’s (hopefully capable) hands. We are going to use ‘Game of Thrones’ characters’ names for this litter but we are waiting to see their personalities.

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I will post updates and mommy and babies grow and heal.

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