September 10, 2017

Where I’m at Now-

Saturday morning, my family and I were sitting down at a local family restaurant along with one of my daughter’s friends and we made plans to see the remake of ‘It’ on Sunday (today). I was super excited to watch this movie as I seen the original Pennywise when I was younger. We had it all planned out but because my son didn’t want to go to his grandmother’s and I wasn’t going to leave one of the girls home to watch over him, my husband agreed to go see ‘Despicable Me 3’ and the rest would go see ‘It’. Last night after leaving work I noticed that Clover was panting and doing a little bit of whining. I decided to stay home with her in case she has her puppies.

Here I sit, and no puppies. I’m a little mad at myself because I should have gone but I just know that I went she would have had them. Let’s face it, anything can go wrong so it was better for me to stay. Plus, my girls and son deserve to go and actually see a movie in theaters.

Weirdness Last Night

So last night we were slow. I have come to accept that the bar business will NEVER be what it use to be. I remember working weekend nights and running my ass off but now, now I’m watching the news with just a few of my regular customers. But anyways, we were following hurricane Irma on the news when I had a man walk in that NO ONE in the bar has ever seen before. Ok please try to follow me when I explain my thought process and this guys conversation. Apparently he lives about 15 minutes from the bar, but didn’t know the owner of the bar passed away. The little town where the owner’s funeral was held was the BIGGEST that the local and surrounding communities has ever seen. So question 1-How did he not know that the owner passed? Then this man goes on to explain that cannot read nor write. I wasn’t shocked and his reaction to my lack of sympathy was noticable. So, the man can’t read nor write but is supposedly in the biggest battle between a worker’s comp claim in the state. UMM ok? Then he goes to tell me that his next court date is in 3 weeks with a federal judge but doesn’t know much else. Here’s the deal, legally he can get someone to read his documents to him and make sure he understands the contents of said document. Question 2-If he can’t read or write then how come this case has been going on since 1991 due to the accident? The accident- apparently this guy lost part of his arm from about 5 inches above his wrist and reattached? How did he take his medications? How did he understand all the documents that were necessary prior and after surgery? I looked at his arm and it didn’t look like reattachment scars, and he had full mobility without restriction in his hand. AND it get’s weirder. This man was very intelligent which I was understanding of street smart as he doesn’t read or write and was explaining all the tools that were used at the job he was working at in 1991 when he lost his hand. He even owns his own business now. He goes on to tell me that the owner of the company is fighting this worker’s comp case and refuses to pay anything. He then says that his ‘lawyer’ suggested that since he was driving all these years back and forth to these court cases that his car was replaced with a new model. All I can think was-A new car? That’s new to me. Now he believes that 3 men from the company that he used to work for and sueing, is now trying to kill him. He said that he could hear them outside of his window planning his murder. Then tells me that they knew exactly where he was in the house because of a thermal radar gun. Sounding like a movie plot yet? Then he is telling me that the owner of the company was embezzeling money from HIS OWN company and was forced to pay a $850,000 fine. Question 4- Why is the owner of the company emezzeling? If he could pay for the said fine then how come he couldn’t buy a newer car? Question 5- How is your reattached limb considered to be the worth of a new car? Question 6-Three guys from the company are trying to kill you? Why? So, I asked him what company did he work for and the name of the all the guys involved? He tells me that he can’t talk about that. Erm…that’s all you’ve been talking about. Question 7-If you can’t talk about the case or details then WHY are you telling me all of this? Then he tells me he has a carry conceal…and that’s when I distanced myself from him and took the safety off of mine. He was acting paranoid and looking over his shoulder as he ate his pizza and drank his Pepsi.

Do I even want to spend the time on researching any of what he said? It would make for a great story but it sound familiar.

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