September 7th, 2017

Livid-furiously angry.

That word could best describe my emotional state today. My son, in his second week of school was already experiencing being bullied. My husband took the helm of talking with the principal about changing classrooms. I thought that would be a better idea then having him talk to the principal about the situation because it seems like in this town people raise their children differently. My son has compassion, empathy, and an all around sweet child and doesn’t comprehend being mean. He doesn’t have it in him to be mean. Whereas other parents seem to think it’s ok for their children to run a mock without any guidance which leads us into these situations.

Instead of the school moving him to a different classroom he hauls both kids, my son and his bully, into the office. My husband called me up at work and said that we need to pick our son up. My son, drenched in his own tears, came running to me and said begged for me to take him home. The principal said that he talked with both boys and that everything was fine. THEN WHY IN THE HELL IS MY SON UPSET! The other boy received a warning and my son is still in the same class. All this means is my son is going to go through the rest of this year being bullied by this 8 year old tyrant!

Bully and bullying is a polite way of covering up the ugly truth. It’s both mental and physical abuse. Plain and simple! My ex did not receive any warnings for verbally abusing me. What in the hell is this going to teach the bully. Don’t get caught next time. If I had the money to stay home and teach my son I would. I need to look into other avenues for financial independence so I can protect him. But, in the long run I know that I won’t always be able to protect him so I have to send him back to school so he can continue to be ‘bullied’ and the teachers and principal can continue to hand out warnings.

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  1. Oh no this is a parent’s worst fear when they send their child to school. Your child should be protected. Advocated for!
    My daughter was bullied and we DEMANDED the bully to be removed to another classroom and I threaten with an advocate and even getting police involved. The child was moved to another classroom. It is a hard fight and sometimes a losing one. My heart hurts for your child so much. I’m so sorry this has happened


    1. Thank you for your kind words. My family and I are huge advocates for bullied children. My oldest daughters step in when they witness such occurrences. I’m so sorry for your daughter experiencing such cruelty at an age when life experiences are supposed to seem adventurous and fun. It’s a shame that bullying only gets media attention when it goes too far. That’s when it’s to late.


      1. Yes! It does. Exactly. When it is extreme but the smaller things get over looked and those smaller things really add up and can affect self esteem enormously.


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