August 28th, 2017

School Supplies and Clothes Chaos

Now I normally prepare for the beginning of the school year shopping in advance but with only one store doing lay-a-way in our area and that one store having minimal clothes that any of my children can fit actually there prove to be a difficult task to complete. I understand the internal crying in pain that all parents feel this time of year specially if you have more than one child. The whole process took three weeks from start to finish ending with my bank account in a double digit number with 4 days until pay day. UGH!

First trip ended we only purchased three backpacks, three lunch boxes, and three new sets of gym shoes. We left $80 lighter in the wallet. OK, so we need to wait for another weekend’s worth of tips for the supplies. That trip cost us a little over $200 and another wait for a weekend’s worth of tips. I decided to wait to pay bills in case I didn’t make enough in tips at the bar so we were ab


le to purchase the school clothes and school shoes. Thank goodness I did. In one day we spent over $600. This included three pairs of pants (on sale) for each kid, school shoes, 4 shirts for each kid, and then the attire needed for volleyball which by the way was a free sport for my daughter and she is graciously provided with a free shirt. Are you kidding me? The cost of the shirt might as well been thrown in with the rest of our purchases! A free shirt does not compensate for the ridiculousness of the chaos.

I thought I was going to lose my shit at Wal-Mart! There weren’t any carts anywhere to be found. This HAD to of been a cruel cosmic joke but because I couldn’t handle another store full of frustrated parents and screaming elementary kids I told each kid to carry their own items that were needed. This proved to be an OK plan


as we were able to maneuver around the mess of people.

What’s Left

I should really look into selling a kidney because I am still left with the bill of registration. The stated requires that we educate our children and our taxes go to the school. Follow me? So if we are paying state and federal taxes why is the school charging a registration fee per child? It’s another $250 bill that needs to be paid this week because they start on September 1st and never mind the bills we still have to pay.

I still have to prepare for the puppies that will be arriving any day, work two jobs I absolutely hate, and figure out how I’m going to pay for my entrance exam into a local technical college. Oh yeah, I’m going back to school for a career change. Hopefully a profiting one at that. SO-yeah. My plate is full and wallet empty.

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