Put A Tutu On It!!!

As you all may know, we had Dublin fixed recently. Well…we are expecting pups around Labor Day. I was so deligent about keeping the gate up to separate Dublin and Clover but I just HAD to go to the store to get stuff for dinner and made the mistake of leaving my husband in charge. I’m still angry he left the gate down because it made his life easy. Who cares?! We only had the weekend to get through until the appointment! Our job was to keep this situation from happening. But, we went out to breakfast and discussed what we were wanting and it was my daughters job to take the photos. It went better than we all had expected when we thought we weren’t expecting.

Tutu Time

I am spoiling my baby girl rotten now that she’s pregnant. I think most of it is the guilt I feel that I failed her. With this being her last litter and with me so scared that something is going to happen that she won’t make it through the birth my daughter had an idea to do a pregnancy photo shoot. Brilliant. I made the tutu at the bar Friday night. I didn’t want to use elastic because I wanted her to be comfortable. So with tulle, ribbon and stick on rhinestones she had the fluffiest tutu a princess could as for.


I decided on a park not to far from my house for the photos and decided to make it a family thing. Let me tell you, I’m going to stop doing that. My son, youngest daughter, and her puppy that she just had to bring along made the whole situation stressful. So, I’m going to be selective about where we bring the kids. I only wish that the leaves were turning colors but it just doesn’t work that way. It was still a beautiful day and we made the best of it.

Photo Time

Clover absolutely LOVED her tutu and being a diva! They turned out great and my daughter has decided to complete a newborn photo shoot after the puppies are born. Now-my husband just better get on with building her the whelping box but I think that is going to be an entirely new post dedicated to that.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

She looks gorgeous and my daughter can’t wait for the puppies to get here so she can do that photo shoot. Clover’s training really helped while we were trying to get her photos done and I’m super proud of her.

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