August 15th, 2017

Busy Bee

Let’s just say that I’m busier at home than at work today. I literally blew through all the work that came to my desk in no time. I’m surprised what use to take me hours to complete, now only takes me at most 30 minutes from start to finish. This would also include the spreadsheet that I fill out and digitally filing the .AI files in the appropriate folders.

I got a message from my daughter today that my son wasn’t feeling good. This only meant that he has caught the stomach bug that has been going around and my house is now ground zero and quarantined from guests. Mainly other kids though because I’m not a social butterfly and appreciate my quiet space and solitude with my family. This helps with any stress that could trigger an anxiety attack. I’m trailing off…I clocked out and headed straight for the store. I wanted to get a bag of taters to make my go to meal (tater hash), soup, juices, and an activity book for my son. My husband and always try to do a little something that will bring a little bit of comfort when they aren’t feeling like their usual hellion-selves.

I came home and remembered that I needed to pick up my son’s class packet that gives us his teacher’s name, supply list, and forms to fill out. Instead of freaking out, I started chopping ingredients and my husband volunteered as the ‘errand running’ tribute and left to deal with the school office mayhem. While dinner started cooking I took Clover outside for a short session of training. She did well until she heard kids screaming somewhere in the distance and she lost all focus. I brought her back in the house and continued to work with her a little longer. I started my computer up to do some writing and while this thing revved up I went through pictures of our cave outing and chose a few to upload. I stirred dinner, started writing this journal entry and reminded my daughter to work with Dublin and his clicker. As I wrote, I also created some distractions for Dublin and now I’m going to wrap this up, serve dinner, and write about our cave visit. IF my son feels well enough to give me the time needed to complete that. —-sigh

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