August 12th, 2017

Still Here

Yup, still here and still just as scattered brained and anxiety ridden as usual. So much has happened-even since I posted my last journal entry. It’s been so long I am not even sure what to highlight and write about. Let’s start with jobs. I still work both the bar and as a graphic designer (for a company). Let’s face it, the bar business is failing in the small town I work in. BUT it doesn’t help when the owner is not only not helping with anything with the business but shows up once a week to collect money but also bad mouthing his bar and the bartenders. Meat raffles that I put together are getting bigger and bigger and I actually need to enlist the help of the bar manager. Second job as a graphic designer for a small company. We are all feeling unappreciated and used since the wage freeze happened. Morale is down and people are getting snippy with one another. There is nothing I can do about that only to put inspirational or comical printed signs on our art room door. The girls seem to appreciate it. I see them worrying about job security, making ends meet, and being bullied into working harder-faster but met with no incentives. An email went out from our CSR Manager and one of the lines in the email, “As with everyone in world, what have you done for me lately, and what can you do for me now.” I only got this email because I have an actual computer based job. I’m so glad the girls that work hard everyday didn’t read that. I really believe it could’ve started a mutiny.

Training for the dogs is going great, slow but great but that is for a different post.

Cooking, thankfully my daughter has stepped in and helped with the Blue Apron meals that are delivered.

Writing courses have come to a temporary halt. I’m that effing busy! The kids start school soon, and there was summer school for my little guy (they passed him to the third grade), training for the dogs (again another post), I actually took time to have my hair trimmed, vet appointments, and I still have to school clothes/supply shop for all three kids.

Amidst all of what is going on, we have decided to take the kids to the caves. Something quite not local but not a trip that requires an overnight stay anywhere. Pictures and a post will be coming soon after (we leave tomorrow).

So, I wanted to say I’m glad everyone is still with me. I’m still here.

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