30 Minute Prompt-Bombshell

I have MISSED writing. I haven’t had the motivation or time to sit down to string a sentenece together. I have become so complacint about my dream of becoming a writer but I refuse to let it fall by the wayside, AGAIN. I really need to dig my heels in and no matter how tired or busy I am I need to take a few minutes to jot something down.  SO- I chose a 30 minute prompt. Something I could sink my teeth into (nails, fingers, I don’t know. Something I need to put a little thought and effort into). I just so happen to be sitting in a quiet house as my husband has so graciously ventured to a car show with our son in tote. I hear my finches singing and snoring from our pibbles.

Pick the most boring person you know but add a really scandalous and devastating backstory to his/her life.



Bombshell Widow

I would watch Elizabeth, a tiny, skinny, elderly woman that lives across the street from, walk her wiener dog in the evenings. I always need to speak loud almost to the point of yelling for her to hear me. She would wave and continue to her house. I’m envious of her and her green thumb. She has grown the most beautiful curbside flower garden I have ever seen. It rivals the city and their gardens they plant. Day in and day out it’s walk her dog, wave, and manicure they botanical wonder. She has so much more energy than myself but I’m quickly reminded by her age that she has earned the time to spend on the hobbies she loves and can sleep however long her aging body needs. I think that she because she walks a little hunched over that she worked hard when she was young. Truth is, that was never the case. Her son walked across the street one morning and asked if I could watch her dog for the weekend and of course,’Sure, no problem’ came out without me even thinking about it. I didn’t question the reasoning but he offered a glimpse into his mother’s past.

She was a war bride and worked in factories as her husband was off fighting for our country. Money was tight so she pick up odd jobs during her time off to buy him new shoes, sugar, or some common item that we all take for granted now days. Her husband, his father died while fighting and she was left with unanswered questions. One day she took him to his grandmother’s house and explained that she had a mission of her own to do. During the 5 months that she was gone (unknowing to him at the time) she made a different identity for herself. Elizabeth changed her name, hair, gained a little weight, and even tanned so she was recognizable. She moved close to the Army base and started talking to the young women in the area. Spinning a lie about how she can’t keep a job, needed money to pay rent or she would lose a place to stay, and needing to eat. She turned herself into a voluptuous bombshell of a woman and the girls that she started to become ‘friends’ with noticed as well. One girl told her with a body like hers that she wouldn’t have a problem making money with all the Army men around. She was informed of an informal brothel house that was always looking for the next money making beauty. Her son went on to tell me that she began working there and at first was just a companion. One night while out on a date she overheard her gentleman client mention her husband’s name to another Lieutenant at a night club. She learned that it wasn’t enemy fire that took the love of her life, it was her client.

The client wanted more from her but all she wanted to do was take his life as he had taken her husband and a father away from her son. She said that she wasn’t on the list of ‘sleepers’ but will try to figure out how to remedy the situation. All the while her client had no idea who she was. She hadn’t shared a bed with a man since her husband went to war. Her son politely put it to me, ‘She…umm she practiced’. Obviously uncomfortable with the statement scratching his head and fidgeting from one foot to another. I told him that it was ok, he didn’t have to go into details and that I could fill in the blanks. Relief washed over him. He continued on to say that when she felt that she was ready and could follow through with her plan of ‘an eye for an eye’ she told the lady of the house that she would take the gentleman that has been requesting her for months. He took her to the local hotel where ALL the men take their purchases. She collected her money and started to get ready. Here he was thinking that she was getting ready to lay with him when instead she was setting up her trap. She was wearing the most revealing Neglige she found that showed off all her curves in the most enticing places. She sat in his lap as he wrapped his arms around her thinking he finally got his prize and could possibly be his future wife. She whispered in his ear the name of her soulmate. The only reaction that he could provide was the tensing of his body and a quick gasp before she plunged a corkscrew in his neck. As he laid, bleeding on the floor, she told him who she was and who he killed.

Her son went on to tell me that his mother Elizabeth was on her way to go visit one of the girls that helped her cover up her crime years ago. A debt that she is repaying. ‘Repaying’ stuck in my head. I wondered how she was going to repay a debt. Was she going to help cover up a crime, commit another crime, or change her identity again? It wasn’t my business but I did notice as her son walked away that there was a new species of flower planted in her garden. Hmm…

Oh my goodness! I wish I had more time to explore these characters. Why was her husband murdered by one of his own? What planning did she have to do? Did the flowers have a murderous meaning? Was something or someone planted underneath her floral wonder? UGH I wish I had more time but it felt so great to be creative.

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