July 31st, 2017

I’m writing this while sitting at a laundromat because our washer decided to challenge our basic necessities. Bright side – it’s relatively quiet.

House Hunting Hoopla

I’m now off from the bar every other Sunday so my husband and I wanted to drive around areas we have chosen as possible locations to see properties in person. One thing I’ve learned is that the pictures on real estate sites are lies!  ALL LIES! We mapped out the route and already planned on having breakfast beforehand. This was because we were taking the kids going this would get them excited about moving.  Feeding our clan world help ward off early meltdowns. Again, were we every wrong!

After breakfast we headed to the first house. This gorgeous home possessed 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, large kitchen and parlor, sat on 10 acres, large pond, and 10 outbuildings. This is when my son decided he was now afraid of woods and bells. Then declared he wasn’t going to move and demanded we take him to the house. That’s when I decided my will was stronger than his stubbornness. I wasn’t going to allow my anxiety win over my patience. BREATH.

We went to several other houses and were able to omit  several. We took a break to support ‘Guitars for Vets’ and had dinner brats, sides and water. We listened to some great live music and made a donation. We were off to the next town. This is when my son had another meltdown and we eliminated quite a few more. I told the kids we’ll be having an early dinner because there was a lot to do at home to get ready for Monday.

We stopped at A&W for some burgers and floats. Once opening the door I immediately regretted it. You can obviously yell that the kids that work on the weekends don’t really care about their duties and only wanted to complete bare minimum chores – including cooking. Dirty tables everywhere, trays of leftover food on chairs, smashed fries in the floor, and I’m not even going to describe the bathroom. Let’s just say the food was greasy and wretched plus no toy for the kids meal. I told my husband that we will never go there again and what we paid for bad service and food we could’ve gone to a sit down restaurant.

There were laughs, and wishes of ‘I wish that was in our price range’, and a very willful child. The hunt still continues…next time without kids.

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  1. Hi, I spotted your blog on the sign-up list at A:Z and hope to have time to read a little while keeping up with posting myself. So i’m following so I don’t miss your posts. best wishes to you and yours. cheers.

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