Adventure Class 4: Stubborn Smart

Clover’s fourth class was basically a reminding session. I explained to her trainer that she hasn’t been acknowledging my commands and she will only complete certain ones. I cook chicken livers for her training but in a pinch I’ll use her kibble. Let’s just say I was losing my patience and I’m worried to death that she won’t be able to pass her good citizen’s test.

After showing the trainer how reluctant she was the trainer realized that she is very smart. TOO SMART! She only obeys her commands when I’m using chicken livers. So now we are working with her and enforcing treats for commands and praising her. It’s working! We were even able to open up the arena and training her not to run out.  I’m so proud of her.

My only concern now is she seems exhausted when we are done. Can she handle my work schedule as my service dog?  One step at a time. Patience and comfort.

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