Adventure II: First Phase Complete

Monday was the day of Dublin’s Neuter appointment. As I said before he has bad manners and after I talked with a trainer (which is NOW his trainer starting August 4th) that his bad manners could be more genetic related. She assured me that he was a great candidate since he has been neutered and up to date on all of his shots.

The Vet Tech Fiasco

We were told by the receptionist to have Dublin there between 7 am and 7:30 am, so I arrived at 7:15 am. I thought that was a reasonable time to have him there. I learned that there was still some paperwork that needed to be filled out INCLUDING that someone OVER the age of 18 can have rights over decision making and discussing anything related to Dublin. During the time that I’m filling out paperwork they had rushed my daughter who is 15 into a room with Dublin. After filling out the paperwork I had walked into the room to find my daughter crying. Thinking that she was upset about him going through the surgery I was reassuring her that he would be OK. That’s when she informed me that she was scolded for being there early as they only accept aggressive dogs later in the morning and that they were not prepared to take him. I went into protective mommy mode. They came in to give him his pre-med sleep shot and was told when he was sleepy to tell the front desk. We already had Dublin muzzled when entering the building. My daughter went further to explain that the new vet tech called Dublin aggressive because of the muzzle. In his chart it states that Dublin has behavioral issues and to approach with great care and consideration of his issues. Obviously the vet tech can’t read!

I noticed Dublin getting sleepy and told the front desk that he was ready and I’m ready to change vets. I explained what had happened when I wasn’t in the room after being asked. Apologies were given. I walk back into the room to be met by the tech confronting me about there, ‘being a problem’. I explained that if she read Dublin’s file she would know what to expect. Instead of introducing herself in a calm way (after he’s had his sleeping meds) she towered over him and came down with her hand for him to smell. He growled. She said, ‘See, point proven’. I flipped out on her! Told her everything she did wrong in a few moments. She then said he wasn’t sleepy enough he then flopped to the floor. I said, ‘Point proven’. She tried to assure me that she has nothing against Pit Bulls and has one of her own. I asked her to produce a picture-she couldn’t. I showed her my phone and the fact I have more pictures of me and my dogs than of me and my children. I told the vet to keep her away from my daughter and my dog as he was leading Dublin to the back.

Pick Up

It was time to pick the Dubbys up. He comes prancing around with his new friend the new male tech. No muzzle and no growling. No surprise there. The new male tech probably read Dublin’s file. I was asked if I wanted to make another appointment to have his stitches removed or I could do it myself. I chose the latter and explained why after being asked. Went through everything again and the receptionist said that I was not the only one to complain about her and she will probably not be working there much longer.

Dublin is home and resting. Good things are to come. Right?

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