July 13th, 2017

It was a great weekend. I worked the bar and even though it was what we call a Slow Steady the customers that did show up were actually pretty entertaining. Slow Steady is when there is one or two customers at a time that stay for a couple of drinks then leaves and there is a 30-40 minute wait until another patron comes in. Sunday we had one of our best meat raffles ever!  We did things differently and even added intermissions for drink refills. This turned out to be a great idea and we had people that weren’t even regulars commenting on how fun it was. Sunday night is when things went south for me. I had a nightmare that included my son (I still can’t tell my husband what it was about) and that sent me into a really bad depression. I cried off and on for the next few days.

It wasn’t until Clover’s second obedience class that I was somewhat motivated to get out of bed and leave the house. I know some people don’t understand the power that nightmares can hold over a person with C-PTSD or PTSD and the effects that ripple through but they can be immense and drowning. Luckily for me, Clover literally pushed me out of bed the days that I didn’t want to move and I was able to make it to work. I know my husband gets frustrated. I can see him rolling his eyes when he thinks I’m not looking but that’s ok. We can get through this….that’s what he tells me.

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