Poetry Stanza Practice: A Place from Childhood

This was the stanza practice. I needed to include 2 stanzas of 5 lines and end with a couplet. I completely forgotten about where I spent most of my time as a young girl. These woods are probably gone now and housing was built on top. Sad thought but it’s probably true. Is there a place from your childhood worthy of a couple of stanzas? Try it!

The crows and woodpeckers would wake me up for a day
of playing in the woods.
I remember the slamming of the screen door behind
as I ran out into the humid sunny day.
Perfumes of morning honeysuckle tickled my nose.

The cool damp grass under my bare feet as I ran to the
green mysterious wooded wall.
Welcomed by spotted sun through through the canopy,
and I hadn’t a care for life outside or the meaning of time.
A safe haven from the humidity and heat outside the barrier.

The woods near my childhood home-
a place where I could be wild and free.

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