Poetry Lesson: Personification

I’m on my personification portion of poetry basics and I’m told:
Personification is a language device where the writer gives a human quality to something that is not human.

I was given a list of objects and action verbs and came up with these sentences and given the writing prompt: Play with the personification sentences you created and write a poem based on one or two of the images. You may add as many words and lines to the poem as you wish, but you must use at least one of the personification sentences you created!

We still haven’t received insurance coverage and going without my meds just isn’t good for me or my relationship with my husband. I know it’s me losing my shit but I can’t help it. I try. But it all fails.

The sun only watched,
as the flowers danced.
The moon gazed on as trees whispered in the dark.
Our words withered,
as the storm wailed between us.
The sun only watched and the moon simply gazed,
as our ocean beat the shores.

I think I need to try this again. It feels wrong after reading it but felt right when writing it.

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