We’re Starting Our Adventure

This is scary for me, with my anxiety running savagely through body. I’m hoping she does good. I’m praying

she does good because I need a service dog. On June 3rd I had managed to save and scrimp enough money together to enroll my baby girl in her first set of obedience classes. On a side note, Clover LOVES her car rides and knows the difference between her harness and collar. When I pick up and show her her harness she perches on the couch with her neck out stretched to get her ready. Her harness means ‘bye bye’ time. 

I grabbed her harness and she was patiently but excitedly waiting for the final ‘click’ before heading towards the door. She raced towards the car and sat in front of the passenger side door knowing that was HER spot. She always rides shot gun. I opened the door and she sat down waiting for me to buckle her in with her special seat belt that was purchased not to long ago. The look on her face was of pure delight accompanied by a cheeky grin. We were going bye byes.  She calmly rode waiting to see where the car takes us and right when we pulled into Petco she knew without me even having to open the door. I unbuckled her as she patiently waited and hooked her leash on her harness and she went to go potty before we walked in the building. I was surprised that she remembered the routine. All I could think was how smart she was and how much I hope that she can do this. That WE can do this.

Luckily for us, the trainer was there and helped me choose which training would be best for her as she was also evaluating her behavior. ‘There is no reason for you to put her through all the adult obedience classes. She is really calm. I recommend that we blend her adult obedience 1 and 2, then tackle the AKC Good Citizen test. I think she will be wonderful at it.’ We made small talk about what was for her after she passes the good citizen test and I told her that she will go to train as my service dog. She thought Clover was a great candidate and that we will work specially close together to get her through her first 12 weeks of obedience and AKC Good Citizen training classes. Talking with the trainer I felt more confident that maybe that we can do this together and that we will reach our end goal but also saved quite a bit of money. I’m still nervous and anxious but also a bit excited. We also decided on another adventure for our other pit bull baby, he just needs a little more preparation to do and more training. That story is coming soon.

Clover’s first day of class with be July 5th at 6pm. That’s after the July 4th holiday so there will be leftover for the kids to eat.

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