Start of Adventure II

Needless to say, I want to accomplish to much all at once. My daughter has a male red nose pit bull that we have affectionately named Dublin but call him Dubby. He’s the biggest moose anyone could ever have in their lap. He has just turned 2 and we are getting him ready to train to be a therapy dog. He LOVES cuddles but has some bad manners. I’m not as anxious about this as with Clover because my daughter will be going with him to his classes (of course I’m driving and footing the bill) but she wants to be an advocate for the breed which has also spawned a few T-shirt designs that I am working on and will post here when I have the line complete.

Now in order to get him ready for training we need to update his rabies but we have also decided to have him neutered. I worked my butt off this past weekend to come up with the money to pay up front and thought that we could have him snipped this week. But thanks to the holiday weekend coming up that wasn’t going to happen for another three weeks. I know my family and I and there is no way I’m going to be able to hold onto all of this cash.

I called Monday, and learned that this is going to be a two-appointment process. First appointment will be for his office visit, shots and micro-chipping. That will be July 7th after I get off work (remind you, Clover has her first training class the 5th so busy week for us). Then we went ahead and made his appointment for the the chopping off of the nuts for the 17th. My daughter was a little upset that it’s going to be an all day event where I drop him off at 6 in the morning and pick him up after I get off work. She is going to be without him all day. For her that’s different as they spend all the time in the world together. After work, I ran to the vet office and after dealing with a woman that wasn’t quite sure what she was doing finally found us and our appointments in the system and gave me the total with a grimace on her face. Obviously she was sizing me up thinking I didn’t even have a quarter of the final amount. Was she ever wrong. I counted out the total in $20’s and handed it over. She looked surprised but I just asked her for my receipt showing that I pain the amount in full.

Now because of his bad manners I went to the pet store to purchase a muzzle but this will only be temporary as he starts his training after he is healed. I couldn’t book his classes in advance but I will have the money by then so I’m not too worried about that. So here it goes, adventure 2. Stay tuned for our progress throughout the training of the dogs and how well we all fair at the end.

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