New Adventures

Changes Can Be Adventures

Yes, that is correct. Changes can turn into adventures. With my husband losing his job and starting another has become a change but an adventure for him. He’s doing the same duties as his previous job but now the location is closer and he’s getting paid more. It wouldn’t be so hard on him if his previous employer wasn’t calling him telling him he has a chance of getting his job back. I’m not comfortable with him going back simply because he could get fired again. So his adventure is the choice to go back or stay with his new job. I think he would like his new job if he gave it a chance.

My adventure will take a little longer but it’s one that will help my C-PTSD and anxiety. We are getting my Clover Bell her service dog training. I researched this quite a bit and learned that it’s not only not easy but it’s really expensive. One place wanted $3500, one wanted $2500 and the prices from other places kept in the 4 digit range. No one would take payments and was even given the suggestion of using a crowdfunding site. I could never get anyone to donate a dollar to help let alone $3500. I mean I seen a child needing to raise money for a seeing eye dog and had no where near her goal. All I had to spare was $2 so I donated that to her. There are grants but only available to vets. Even though my abuser of 10 years, 9 months, and 4 days was and is still in the USAF doesn’t count. But why would it? He was abusive before the military and when he was deployed the kids and I could breathe.

I finally found a place that is willing to  train her but their price is over $2000. But did say if I had a dog that I was already bonded with, pass the AKC good citizen test, and provide paper work that I have C-PTSD that he would train her for a little over $500. Ok…where in the hell do I get the AKC training? Searched those classes out and prices were astronomical. JESUS! Ok, our local pet store does the AKC good citizen training but the dog needs to pass obidience classes 1 & 2 before having acceptance in the AKC class. Okay, got it. Before I can enroll her in the basic obidience classes she needs a shot to prevent kennel cough. Called the vet and nothing available until the end of July and her first class starts at the beginning of July. The pet store had a vaccination clinic this past weekend and we got her in along with being microchipped. She did so well she got to choose a toy. The only disappointing thing that happened is NO ONE wanted anything to do with her. I heard ‘it’s a pit bull’ and they would walk away. No one even wanted to pet her. So this experience spawned another adventure idea of mine to help raise awareness of pit bulls not being attack animals, PTSD awareness, and help raise money for training. An online T-Shirt business. I’m a graphic artist and know I can come up with awesome designs.

So to recap:

  • husband’s new job
  • service dog training for Clover
  • online tee business

So there will be a separate page coming soon for the shirts and updates about training. Maybe even an instagram account. Who knows.

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