June 13, 2017

Our Storm is Passing, Now This Storm

I actually was in a decent mood yesterday when I got home from work. Got an unexpected surprise. My husband received his 401K money from the job that fired him and we were able to catch up on ALL the bills for this month that were due and past due. Huge relief!  I sit down to start posts from my writing boot camp and notice that I couldn’t connect to ANYTHING. UGH. I just paid the bill so our internet wasn’t shut off then I hear it. The thunder started growling and the lightning started sparking. The dark clouds started rolling over the house. Luckily, these sounds and storms do not trigger my PTSD simply because it reminds me of my father. He would make me feel safe when I was a little girl so now it’s like a safe zone for me.

Internet outage with our cable company is city wide. AWESOME! I’m at work right now (sneaking this in) and no phone call from the company that the internet issue has been resolved. I guess I will be taking the kids to McDonald’s or somewhere kid friendly so they can be occupied as I start wring again. With the weight being lifted (oops just got busted) with the bills being late and or shut off but the weight of other situations still weigh. I have a huge story pertaining to one of the situations. I just need to get it out.

When is internet going to be free? Who am I kidding, we are paying for resources on this Earth that no one technically own. Someone just came a long threw a price on it and called it a day.

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