Gloom and Gravy

As I wrote in my journal entry from May 12, 2017, I have been extremely depressed which was triggered by my boss at the bar. Sever flashbacks and nightmares have been preying over my mind. Anxiety runs like a heathen through my body and my rest has been nonexistent. I haven’t wanted to cook, write, paint, or do anything for almost 2 weeks now.

My husband knows what is going on and how I’m dying inside. He also knows I take pride in 3 dishes I make with one being sausage gravy. He claims it’s its own food group. I went to bed before he did Friday night and Saturday morning I woke up to a text, ‘I pulled out both bacon and sausage. Please don’t let me sleep all day and wake me when you wake up.’ So, I did. He asked me how to make my sausage gravy. And my reply was simply a blank look. He asked for the recipe. I grinned and told him that there isn’t REALLY a recipe you can follow for the gravy. I make it like my grandmother made it, by eye. I told him it was more of a method.

His planned worked. I actually left the bed. He cooked the sausage but I showed the method I used for the gravy. Scant of this, pinch of that…those are my measurements.

So here it is the Gravy Method:

Salt and Pepper to taste

Cook your pork breakfast sausage until done. DO NOT DRAIN GREASE. Add enough flour to soak up sausage grease. Continue to cook the flour so it has a beautiful golden color. I usually warm my milk before hand but not necessary. Gradually stir in milk a little at a time with a whisk. Let cook and thicken for a couple of minutes and add more milk. Do this until you have reached your desired thickness is reached. Pour over biscuits, eggs, flip flops, it really doesn’t matter.

Good luck and hope this comfort food recipe helps you find a reason to get out of bed as it did for me.

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