Day 2 – Late Posting

Regardless of my late posting, my pen and notebook I carry with me at all times. One thing I have learned is that I need to learn to read my own handwriting.

A letter to your future self

Hello future me,
Tonight we have kept a short term goal of completing the writer’s boot camp and made it to day 2! Go us! I hoping this sets you up to stick to your plans, dreams and goals. Believe it or not, you went straight to the store after a long day of being the only person in the art room, plus finding hidden positives and even helping the DyFuze department out with layout up lettering, had a plan for dinner, got the few ingredients, plus a notebook and several different pens to begin writing. I have no idea how I’m going to stay positive but I think we got this. The point is, you were busy as hell today and wanted to write. I know things have been difficult with your marriage but trust me, you made the right choice by not leaving him and going to the doctor and learning you have C-PTSD and finding the courage to navigate through this diagnosed part of your life is brave. So, always remember you are brave and a survivor. I know that your will be an exceptional writer and it all started with the decision to purchase the writer’s boot camp. It will not always be a good day to write and there will not always be time but just remember to pick up the pen or turn on the laptop and let her rip. You have a lot to say and an awesome imagination. Stick with this and you’re dreams will come true.


Your past self.

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