Cleaner Layout

The more I get into my blog and understanding how I feel and work with C-PTSD I want a cleaner layout, something that doesn’t represent what is happening in my head…A MESS. So I was looking through other themes (free because that is what I can afford with only me working) and found four that I am in love with but can’t use all four.

My goal is to have a cleaner looking site. I could just do an posts page but the them I have now doesn’t allow me to put them in a grid layout with feature thumbnail image and date. I could choose one of these but need advice. OR I could just try to do 1 post page with all the posts but it’s an infinite scroll, which I don’t like. HELP!

Social Media for the Socially Anxious

I completely understand the need for social media and blogs these days. I worked for a company that these went hand in hand and had a BLAST posting stuff for them. But this is me, this is my life, fears, dailys, thoughts, failures, etc…
I know that there will be individuals that will comment negative and what not, but those people don’t really matter. I’m taking a huge step in my life putting out there (and later when I’m really comfortable how I came to be this way) in this blog but social media is everywhere with everyone or anyone taking a gander.

So I’m kicking around using Instagram, Twitter, and maybe Facebook. Should I shouldn’t I? Should I just start with Instagram and go from there? If so, any advice on how to take this huge leap? Please let me know thoughts and advice or what has worked and didn’t work.

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