Pigs and Blankets

Dinner? No, Blankets!

What to have for dinner? I have had to cancel our Blue Apron trying to save money and now having to figure out a dinner that isn’t going to break the bank. Cutting back sucks because our family enjoyed middle class but since my husband lost his job, we are trying to figure out what we can cut back on and what we can get rid of all together.

I was already having a bad morning yesterday when I seen that the kids didn’t do any of their chores. I then became a ‘mean bitch’ (overheard one say) when I told them they had to leave their phones at home. Well, I’m not going to pay a bill on a phone that is not being worked for. Bad parent award goes to me. With everything that has been going on this week I decided that after eating healthy, yummy food that I needed some good old processed food. Both my oldest daughter and I rolled out the croissant dough, added the 1/2 slice of cheese, placed a hot dog on the cheese and rolled. After 12 minutes we were eating a not so healthy meal. It was good. Middle class was fun but now I have to figure out how to make healthy meals out of food pantry items that my husband went a picked up today.

The anxiety is filling me up and my legs are going numb and my hands are shaky. The only thing I can do is breath and hope for the best. I hope that my therapist will help me get a handle on this new life change. My blanket and my bed will be my comfort for a while I fear.

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