Writers Block and Writing Boot Camp


My writing has fallen to the wayside. Not because I don’t want to do it or have no desire but the story I have been working on has come to a halt. 50% of writers block and 50% of self-doubt. This isn’t uncommon for me since sometimes I let the negative thoughts sink their teeth in but this time I don’t want to give in. I purchased a 30 Day Writers Boot Camp book. The first day was just basic information about how the book will help and how I need to make the commitment EVERY day and hopefully this will help me stay committed to the story that I started previously. Even though there was no writing needed the first day there are these prompt cards and pulled the one pictured.

So here it goes. I’m going to finish these sentences:

I regret the time that I let my husband believe that I was angry at him (and I was) and he left the house on his Harley and didn’t say I loved him or gave him a kiss goodbye. It was over a petty argument. The storm hit and passed and I hadn’t heard anything. I was so worried and I was such a horrible wife that day. Now I NEVER do that! No matter how upset we are at each other.

My ideal writing environment would be a small wooden desk in front of a window facing the woods where I could sit and write by natural light and in the evening have the window open to let in cool evening breezes with whispers of wild life from the trees.

If I had a million dollars I would buy a house that would allow me to have my own writing room in the middle of no where. Rooms for each kid and a yard for the dogs. I would start a college fund for each of my children along with a travel fund so they could get started on their own adventures. I would purchase the bar that I work at so we would never have to worry about it closing. I would take my husband and myself to Ireland to renew our vows. The rest we would bury and continue working.

The last time I felt truly happy was the last time my daddy embraced me and told me he was proud of me.

My favorite kind of books are (I hate to admit this in public) are young adult due their fast pace and horror/mystery novels. But right now at the moment I am devouring anything and everything about writing. I hate that there isn’t more.

The kind of characters that really intrigue me are the young females who find strength in themselves to overcome impossible obstacles or a worldly female that is a mother figure and helps find solutions to problems with their wisdom.

That wasn’t so terrible. I hope the next card I pull allows me to explore more and this took 15 minutes and not 10 because I really had to think about a couple of them and one there were just to many answers.

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