May 18th, 2017

Fidgeting Support

Tuesday was the last day of my husband’s suspension at work. I have learned to let go of the anger that I felt towards the woman who started this whole thing of a free 3 day vacation without pay snitching on him smoking after he was clocked out. I really don’t have the energy to waste on imagining how I will make her pay. We spent the evening with the kids watching the Bye Bye Man. I seen that it got a lot of negative reviews but to each their own. I was fortunate enough to take a film appreciation class as part of my degree and actively watching this movie was awesome.

But earlier that day my husband took his Harley to see a brother that owns a vape shop that has just started selling those fidget spinners. The reason why he purchased one for me is because he read articles that said that they could help people with anxiety. I too seen articles that said it could help but also articles saying they don’t. The fact that he took time out of his day to do research for something that would help me was awesome and it made me feel like it wasn’t alone in this battle that takes place inside my entire body.

I took my new fidget spinner to work and it does help, specially when I’m upset with employees that are working on my last nerve just to see how far they can push me.I took my spinner and gave it a whirl…literally. I focused on my breathing while watching it spin and I found myself calming down. And the feeling of overwhelming doom looming over my shoulder spin away with every pass around the spinner made. I don’t know if there is any true help in these things but it helped me focus and find my center again. So….give them a whirl (another pun) to see if they help ya’ll in any way.

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