Frying Catfish Through Stormy Weather

Stormy weather is an understatement. After the week that my family experienced last week we all were looking for some comfort food that you can only get when cooking at home. As I wrote before, I am forcing my family to try Blue Apron. I had a delivery almost two weeks ago and didn’t get a chance to cook ANY of the meals but the food is holding up pretty well. I do have to replace some turnips but no problem. There’s an Amish store not to far from where I live so I will still be able to adhere to Blue Apron’s standard of food.

I left work (and if you would like to know how my day went at my job my journal entry May 15th, third to last paragraph summarizes my shit day pretty well with a small petty victory), to head to the school to pick up my children and stopped by the house and found my husband sitting outside on the porch. Pulling over and rolling down the window I asked him if he wanted to go with to fetch the kids hesitantly he agreed but asked me to see what he did. I was a bit worried. I asked him to do 2 things, one was to clean up and rearrange our room a bit because it’s getting close to putting the AC in the window (living up north, it can be hard to find central AC so we have window units), and to repair the sink. He didn’t repair the sink and is quite irritated with it right now but our room, our room looks AMAZING! I would take a picture to post but it’s my corner of the world that no one has invaded and set off any of my triggers. Let’s just say, he’s made room on my side of the bed for a painting area and a writing area. It feels wonderful to literally have my own space. And the fact that he gives me time to myself to write (even this) is so encouraging.

Dinner Time


Yes the picture looks yummy, but mine didn’t look like that. I didn’t have time to stage my food because I had hungry tummies running around nor did I have natural lighting because of a storm coming in. Yes, we are having a ‘Weather Aware’ evening according to our local news. I’m from the south and desperately miss the afternoon to evening thunderstorms. The smell of the sulfur in the air before the storm is in full swing, the sound of the thunder promising the relief from the humidity and heat with droplets of water. This is something that we do not get to experience all that often here in the north.

Growing up in the south allowed me to experience not all that good for your heart home cooking with trays of fried foods, gravies, sauces, cheeses, bacon (If there wasn’t any bacon on the table you can bet that there was an item cooked in bacon fat retrieved from one of the many jars in the fridge. Yes, I’m even guilty of that to this day.) and some type of starch. When the storms were moving daddy would go fishing and come back with tons of catfish. He swore that the best catfish was caught on stormy days. Now, frying catfish and crawdad boils would put ANY northern Friday fish fry to shame. Where I grew up, fish was an any day of the week meal, not just on Fridays (a concept I still can’t wrap my head around this concept here in the north). Blue Apron really came through for me with a menu of pan fried catfish, sauteed spinach with lemon, sweet tater fries and homemade tarter sauce. I didn’t screw this meal up by opening the wrong bag of ingredients, skipping a step, or not thawing meat out for the planned meal. I am happy to announce even my husband ate it without complaint and he’s not a catfish type of guy. All the stress of the dinner slipped away as I slipped the fish into the three-step breading process. Plus, I actually felt so accomplished and full, I decided to write.

Cooking dinner through the storms passing through also helped me through another storm that is definitely brewing between my mother and I. Now, understand, there is ugly history between us two. So much so, that I have gone over a decade without talking to her the first time and 5 years the second time. The reasons behind this is for another time. The storm, well, my mother and I are extremely busy with jobs and we cannot get together as much as I would like and the fact that she has a new boyfriend doesn’t help matters either. She’s the type of woman that can’t be alone (opposite of me), and just a couple of weeks after her husband and her separated (yes, separated) she was going on dates with just about anyone that would pay attention to her. That sounds bad but her now ex-husband was a real douche bag. Back on track, I asked if she wanted to go to brunch with her grandchildren, son-in-law, and myself and she said no. Bewildered, I asked why. Her new boyfriend was making her breakfast in bed. ‘Um, ok’ is all I could say because if I rattled out what I was really thinking it would probably be another decade of not talking to her. I quickly hung up and vented to my husband. She later asked if I wanted to come by but I explained that I was exhausted and we just got back from the movies and needed to figure something out for dinner. Told her I would come by on Monday (now today) but I was able to tell her I’m in the middle of cooking dinner and she said that she had homework to do. She is creating the weather and when she stands in her rain screaming it’s raining, then I’ll let her know. I just need to calm down and cooking catfish through the storm has fended off another storm for now.

Again, I’m better off not being around certain individuals, including my mother. Can’t wait to cook tomorrow.

P.S. I still have 5 free deliveries to give away from Blue Apron. If you would like to try it out, shoot me a message and I’ll send one your way.

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