May 8th, 2017

Receiving Awesome Support and Striking a Deal

The last I wrote that I was planning the bar’s first meat raffle. UPDATE: Let’s just say it was a better turn out than what I thought it would be. The only complaints that I received were really from the people that didn’t win anything. I had to remind myself to set my personal feelings aside and realized that it was a RAFFLE. It’s literally the luck of the draw. The puppy and kitten baskets that I had put together to raffle off with the winner receiving the basket and then choosing which animal shelter to donate the proceeds was a bigger success than I thought. We were able to raise $200+. With the local shelters here taking in a lot of fur babies from the south, I know every little bit would help. I even have people asking for more baskets that they would be more than happy to donate items to the shelter along with the money raised. After a semi-successful meat raffle, I decided that we will also start a sign in since it was asked for quite a bit after the event was over.
But this isn’t the entire reason I am posting this morning. My son was complaining of a sore throat which gave me an opportunity to write a little. He’s bouncing off the walls like he is in perfect health. You know the usual situation where you rush your child to the emergency room and right when the doctor walks in you kid is fine and you look like an overly nervous parent. Yup, that has happened to me. On the 6th I was able to complete a journal entry and received a few likes and then I learned that I am also gaining followers (WHICH IS AWESOME GUYS THANK YOU!) and I decided to take a screen shot and text it to my husband. This is the conversation that occurred after: (I will try an figure out how to enlarge the images without pixelation in a little bit but I will translate.)


My husband has always been supportive and is trying to help keep me motivated on my really bad days and has even made me a deal. I really want time to write my short stories and work here on my blog but I only have short periods of time between jobs and chores.


He was and is supportive of me quitting my day job so I can write full time and pick hours up at the bar but I’m scared. Plane and simple. It’s the fear that is holding me back. I told him that if I get 500 followers and 1000 likes, I’ll quit my 40 hour week job. With low stats it will take me a great deal of time to reach those goals and work on my writing and better related information or articles that I can use to help others. Maybe even receive some advice and constructive criticism along the way. I have always wanted to write (clearly stated before and now again) and have found a new passion that I would love to explore and perfect. So here goes nothing. I’ll work hard on writing for my blog (new baby) and continue practice writing my short stories and WILL reach my goal. (Staying positive because the fact that my husband believes in me helps me believe in me.)

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