May 4th, 2017

Is this venture, blogging and wanting to be a writer worth my time? I feel like I’m already failing. I had a great start with likes, views, and followers but it just died off. Then I thought if these are feelings left over from another trying day at work? A day that caused my anxiety to fly through the roof. Noises in my head when people were talking to me but no comprehension of the words that were spoken. With deer caught in headlight look I knew I wore well, all I could do was nod trying to obtain ANY information that I needed. Deep breaths, that’s all I could say to myself, D E E P   B R E A T H S.

I listened to a few of my writing blogs casts and even joined a writing group of Facebook and a story a day account was made. I have already missed 4 days but I WILL catch up. Here they will hold me accountable and hopefully provide positive feedback and constructive criticism.

I WILL NOT let my day job influence my dream of being a writer. Not fantasy (those are two different things). I did go home and cook a fabulous meal that I will blog about this evening. Cooking for me is also therapy. Look into it, there are plenty of articles and the recommendation from my therapist, that cooking is a good way to unwind from an anxiety filled day.

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