Saying Goodbye

psst….I’m the one on the left

I have a friend well she’s more like my daughter affectionately referred to as my pseudo daughter. She is leaving for 16 weeks for a tech school in Florida and I wanted to do something only a mama would do as she calls me mama. This is a way for me to say goodbye without having the emotional goodbye.

It was a perfect cold rainy day for her to leave and I watched my husband carry out the crate stuffed with the brightly colored paper packed full of all different items. ‘Perfect day,’ I thought to myself hoping it would encourage her to keep driving towards her dream of attending college. She left behind a husband and three step children. I hope there marriage will be strong enough to embrace the miles apart. I wanted to make sure she had small reminders of comfort and wisdom wrapped in a little sarcastic comedy and began with a simple Google search of, ‘gifts for daughter going to college’. Of course like anyone else-I ended up on Pinterest and found this cute idea but took it a little further.

There’s little gifts for her to open different times throughout her first year such as a journal, and water bottle. I also wanted to include little notes with inspiration and quotes of motivation. I remember being in college and not receiving any support from my ex husband at the time and I do not want that to happen to her or anyone for that matter.

I think it’s important that a little something from yourself, a piece of your heart will go a long way. It doesn’t cost anything to be kind. It actually helps with my anxiety and allows me to have positive thoughts within myself and resurrects hope that humanity can find a way to rise above all that is hateful and cruel.

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