Hmm…Logistics First

SUPER EXCITED! I started working on a writing prompt! My VERY first one! I know I have a main character named Sessy who is (surprise surprise) a bar owner in New Orleans. I will draw artwork up after the story is finished from A to Z and will post bits from my first draft and even possibly do a serial. I like to think that the story will end up being longer than a handwritten page. EEK


Words to include:

  • Carnival
  • Sprained
  • Mask
  • Oxidation
  • Awkward
  • Apple
  • Juvenile
  • Controversy
  • Twirl
  • Sassafras
  • And it’s supposed to have something to do with a weird request at a piano bar.

“But did you seriously just ask me to come into work?” I could not fathom what one of my seasoned bartenders was asking of me. With a long awkward silence from the other end of line, she finally confessed that she was to scared to work tonight. I simply said, “OK” with a heavy sigh and hung up the phone. The controversy over whether or not the explicit instructions would keep everyone safe INCLUDING the bartenders was still being questioned, or maybe they were just letting the thought of the curse getting to the better of them.

This is the first paragraph that I only have time for because I am doing this on my lunch break and running out of time.

Does it intrigue? Or do I need more details. Comments welcome. SUPER EXCITED!

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