My Not So Chosen Path

We spend precious hours fearing the inevitable. It would be wise to use that time adoring our families, cherishing our friends and living our lives. – Maya Angelou

Let’s just say my world had to hit rock bottom before I understood what was really going on in my head and body. I am a graphic designer by day and sassy bartender on the weekends and enjoy keeping busy but found that there is just something missing…ME.

I was diagnosed with C-PTSD from a past life experience and not quite ready to tell that part of my story yet but my hope is tap more into my creativity whether it be cooking, journaling, writing short stories or drawing. Scattered-brained is how I feel and I will try very hard to keep this personal blog as organized as possible…but no promises.

My goals is to ultimately write and hopefully be able to publish a novel (I know dreaming big) but using this personal blog as a way to cope. As a service dog is not attainable and medication is helping slightly I need another avenue. SO-here it is. Me FINDING me. Come with me on my personal journey and hopefully this helps someone else along the way as well.

Ok…disclaimer alert! I am not a doctor and do not take this blog as gospel or medical advice! There are blogs out there written by doctors about C-PTSD and how to cope and I can gather links for another post another time. This blog is about me learning to live with my C-PTSD and using this as a healthy way to deal with what I have going on in my head.  Please note that all rights are reserved.

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